We're Looking for Models!

Our company was birthed from the belief that everyone is wonderfully made.

Because we believe this, we believe that the people who make are clothes are far more valuable than the clothing they make. We believe there is absolutely no reason they should risk their health, well-being and lives to make something as finite as clothing.

Our belief that our employees are wonderfully made affects how we treat them - it means living wages, safe working conditions, empowerment and education.

Our belief that all garment workers (not just out employees!) are wonderfully made causes us to advocate for laws that address the horrific abuses and exploitation happening in the garment industry. It leads us to support incredible organizations working hard to hold guilty corporations responsible.

But it doesn't stop there.

Our belief that all people are wonderfully made affects how we do just about everything -- including how we advertise. 

The fashion industry has long communicated that "pretty" means tall, white and skinny. In order to be a model, one must be tall, white, and skinny.

Sure, sometimes "pretty" means that. But it also means Asian, Hispanic and African-American. It means short, average and tall. It means skinny, fit, and curvy. And it means so much more.

We plan to display our belief that every single person is wonderfully made through our advertising. And in order to promote our very first line of products -- some ethically made, eco-friendly leather accessories, we are in search of some of the most under-represented people in the fashion industry: people with special needs.

So if you or someone you know has special needs and dreams of being a model, check out the details below!

Who we're looking for: Both men and women with special needs, 16 years or older
What: Photoshoot to model our new ethically made, eco-friendly leather accessories (a men's wallet, a women's wristlet and a tote bag).
When: We will work with the model's flexibility; ideally the 3rd week in December. The photoshoot will last 1-3 hours.
Where: Ideally within 3 hours driving distance of Spartanburg, SC. Kaitlin will come to whichever city the model lives in within this distance! However, we are open to traveling anywhere in the U.S. Even if you don't live close to Spartanburg, please still apply!
Other: It's important that applicants have hopes and dreams of being a model. We want to encourage and empower them! Past experience is helpful but not required.

Application Process: To apply, please tell us why you would be a good fit to help model Wonderfully Made's leather line. Write an essay, make a video, send us an email, give us a shoutout on social media, write a blog, paint a picture...the sky is the limit!
Submissions can be sent to kaitlin@wonderfullymadeonline.com. Applicants will be considered on a first come basis and will hear back from us no more than 3 days after we've received your submission.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Kaitlin at kaitlin@wonderfullymadeonline.com

Please help us get the word out by sharing this with your friends and family and on social media!


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