We are dreaming of a world where every single worker in the garment industry is valued more than the clothing they are making; a world where safe working environments, living wages, and processes that are not harmful to the workers’ health are normal.

We are dreaming of companies that actively prioritize the lives of their employees and the preservation of the environment over exorbitant profits.

We are dreaming of not only making ethical clothing, but making it an option for everyone by selling it at affordable prices.

We are dreaming of fabric that is beneficial to our environment, that does not take 250+ years to degrade or negatively impact the farmers’ health.

We are dreaming of laws and policies that encourage all of this, and penalizes companies who fail to comply.

We are dreaming of iconic clothing models who aren’t just skinny, tall and Caucasian, but models who represent all ethnicities, body types and disabilities.

We are dreaming of beautiful, affordable clothing that empowers everyone: the people who make it, the people who sell it, and the people who wear it..