The fashion industry constantly tells women that we have to be tall, skinny and tan to matter. Through overly photoshopped ads false and unattainable ideals of beauty are portrayed, and we have come to accept them as normal. But we want to suggest something else...

Maybe, just maybe, there is more important things to strive for than being tall, skinny and tan. We believe that being "wonderful" matters far more than possessing these few characteristics and we want to share that with the world!

We believe that every single woman is wonderfully made and we are suggesting this in place of the negative ads clothing companies are known for.
So we set out to spread that message to random people in and around our local mall, school and city, and asked women of all ages, sizes and nationalities to join the movement. On International Women's Day, we released the above video to further spread this message. Take a look!

Join the movement by using #wonderfullymade on social media and help us fight unattainable ideals of beauty! You just might receive a fun gift from us!

Empowering Marginalized Women in the third world

Did you know that in many countries, women are considered less important, less capable or less valuable than men? Wonderfully Made exists to empower forgotten and impoverished women in the developing and undeveloped world. These women often describe poverty in terms of a profound sense of shame, inferiority, helplessness, vulnerability and social isolation. Simple handouts or donations will not address these issues, therefore we aim to eradicate poverty by empowering these women to lift themselves out of poverty through their own incomes. Through our ethical clothing, it is our goal to teach marred women how to make beautiful things with their own hands, restoring a sense of pride, dignity and self-confidence. With each woman we work with, we also tell teach them that their value and worth does not depend on what their culture says about them, and it isn't what their husband says about them. We teach them that they matter, are worthy and have value simply because they are wonderfully made.

Our goal is to hire 12 women in the third world within the next six months and show them that they are wonderfully made.

If you believe in empowering women in the Western world and/or the developing world, would you considering joining our team by supporting us financially through purchasing our products or donating to our mission? Thank you!