I am Dominican Republic bound in a matter of days and I couldn't be more excited! Wonderfully Made has partnered with a fantastic organization that is active in the community and passionate about the people and it is a huge blessing to come alongside them. For eight weeks I will be working with orphan girls and widows, teaching them sewing skills, business skills and budgeting skills. Most importantly, I will be able to encourage them in their faith and remind them of the inherent value and worth they have has daughters of the King - indeed, they are wonderfully made and I cannot wait to explore that life-altering, magnificent truth with them.

Thanks to the Lord's provision, a church conference has purchased a few hundred drawstring backpacks from us, allowing us to employ some of these women! As Wonderfully Made employees, the women will receive a living wage (nearly 3x more than the minimum wage), a safe and healthy working environment, training and business skills. The income will enable them to provide for themselves and their families with the fruit of their own labor! The backpacks will also be made from material purchased locally, further supporting small business owners and farmers and stimulating the local economy.

This order alone will allow us to positively impact several lives, but with your help, we can impact even more!


As it stands, we have enough money to hire two women, full time for six weeks. Would you consider pre-ordering a drawstring backpack so that we can hire even more women for longer periods of time? A living wage costs $22.72 to hire one woman for an eight hour work day or $113.60 to hire one lady for a 40 hour work week, but every dollar counts! 100% of your money will go towards hiring women. If you wish to join our team and be apart of transforming these wonderful womens' lives physically, emotionally and spiritually you can preorder a backpack via the button below. It's simple...

  1. You determine how much you are willing and able to pay for the drawstring backpack
  2. 100% of your money goes towards employing women
  3. You will receive the backpack in August, 2015 along with a photo and story of the lady who made it
  4. You keep the backpack for yourself, or give it to a friend to enjoy!
Pre-order a backpack

*The above image is simply an example of the backpack; the fabric and the color will be determined upon our arrival to the Dominican Republic once we are able to examine local fabric. The fabric will be gender neutral.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Thank you for supporting my vision. Thank you for joining our team. Thank you for investing in the lives of these precious women!

Kaitlin Ebeling